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Shenzhen Zhongpu Industrial Co., Ltd. (SZZP) is a privately owned company. Our company specializes in researching and developing, manufacturing and marketing the explosion-proof products for various hazardous areas such as petroleum industry, gas station, and chemical plant. We also specializes in designing and manufacturing intelligent control system for oil field drilling and production. SZZP has been a first-class member of online suppliers for CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation).

SZZP attaches great importance to quality. All of our products have passed the authoritative professional certification, such as Norway Nemko (European Ex-Product Certification Organization) awarded ATEX certificate, China National Quality Supervision and Testing Center for explosion protective electrical products presented the "explosion-proof certificate", and the Russian National Laboratory issued explosion-proof certificate, etc. Furthermore, our products have been patented by State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.C.

SZZP has an enviable reputation for working worldwide and has plentiful experience to work with CNPC and those largest professional manufacture plants in China. You can have complete confidence in the ability of SZZP to meet all your requirements for products&services. Listening to our customers needs and supplying what they want,at a reasonable price, soonest delivery, has been our philosophy and will remain so. Yours "Shenzhen Zhongpu Industrial Co., Ltd."- Team