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Explosion-proof Fluorescent Lamp
Product Name:Explosion-proof Fluorescent Lamp

Product No:CBAY51
Last update:2013.05.28

Product Feature

1.Formed by aluminum alloy through die-casting and finished with baking varnish, the fluorescent lamp case is pleasant looking and glossy.

2.Made of polycarbonate and fully sealed, the transparent lampshade of the fluorescent lamp has such advantages as   

    high strength, impact resistance, anti-explosion, dust prevention and corrosion prevention.                     

3.The body of fluorescent lamp is adjustable by turning at the degree of ±90°.

4.Cable wiring or conduit wiring is available for fluorescent lamps.

5.The explosion-proof monopole instant-start tube built in fluorescent lamp makes it available for quick and instant starting.

6.The fluorescent lamp ballast is encapsulated and has been issued with explosion-proof certificate. Effective and energy efficient inductive ballast and electronic ballast are available for selection.

7.The lamp is equipped with light-operated single-tube emergency power supply which supplies emergency power for     lighting for more than 60 minutes so that operating personnel can perform the work and personnel evacuation in case of a power outage.

8. Special lamp holder with Exd chamber is adopted to effectively eliminate effect from all possible flashover. 

Application Scope

1.Hazard gas sites of division1 and division2.

2.ⅡA, ⅡB, ⅡC type, T1~T4 group explosive gas environment.

3.lndoor & outdoor