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Flameproof Explosion proof Floodlight
Product Name:Flameproof Explosion proof Floodlight

Product No:BAF33
Last update:2013.05.28

Product Feature

1. Lightweight alloy shell, stainless steel visual hardware, compach construction, firm and sturdy with attractive appearance.

2. Adopts big radian silicate toughened glass transparent lampshade,with advantages of impact resistance and corrosion proof, etc; and expanded heat dissipation space to increases lamp life.

3.Adopts the latest spray technology for surface, with advantages of invariant color and rust free.the overall protection grade IP65,raliably using for outdoor and corrosive envifonments.

4. Excellent electromagnetic compatibility, no electromagnetic interference and pollution.

5.Adopts efficient gas discharge lamp as the light source, high efficiency luminous, more than 10,000 hours of the average life.

6. Small size, light weight, simple operation for variety of installation methods, such as pendant type, wall mounted, ceiling mounted and pole-type,etc.


Application Scope

1. Hazard gas sites of division1 and division2.

2. Explosive and combustible dust atmospheres of T1T6 groups of A,B categories.

3. Indoor & outdoor.