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Explosion-proof fluorescent lamp
Product Name:Explosion-proof fluorescent lamp

Product No:BAY55
Last update:2013.05.28

Product Feature

1. Fluorescent die cast aluminum alloy shell molding powder and paint the surface, bright and beautiful appearance.

2. Fluorescent transparent cover of high borosilicate glass, the overall adhesive method to connect, with steel mesh protective cover, to improve overall strength, the effective protection of the transparent cover of the collision and impact.

3. Equipped with optical control of single-tube emergency power options,providing more than 60 minutes of emergency lighting, Power outages after the operations staff to facilitate completion of the work and emergency evacuation.

4. Fluorescent with bi-wire cable 50°of the three holes and a variety of applications is installed.

5. Instant start fluorescent lamp pole configuration-specific, long life, fast start.

6. With high specific energy-saving inductive ballast, fast transient start.

7. Explosion-proof chamber using a special holder, the effective elimination of all possible effects of flashover.

8. Fluorescent tube adapted to cabling or wiring.

Application Scope

1Hazard gas sites of division1 and division2.

2Explosive gas or steam substances of T1T4 groups of A、ⅡB、ⅡC categories.