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LEDFlamepoof Explosion Proof Floodlight
Product Name:LEDFlamepoof Explosion Proof Floodlight

Product No:BAL23
Last update:2013.05.28

Product Feature

1.All aluminium crust, stainless steel exposed hardware, compact structure, firm and sturdy with attractive appearance.

2.Adopts plate toughened-glass transparent lampshade, with advantages of impact resistance and corrosion proof, etc.

3.Adopt LEDlight source,with advantages of high effciency,energy saving,environmental protection, nice coloration and the fast response etc.

    a. LED with high flux, drive efficiency and luminous effciency, saving 80% energy than ahe conventional light.

    b. LED features: strong light-emitting direction, green and environmental protection, no ligh pollution, no mercury, no infrared & ultraviolet, no attraction to insects, no harm to the human body, no radiation, etv.

    c. LED light source color index is more than 90, so it shows the colors more truly and brlghtly.

    d. LED can start in any temperature at short start time, without any delay, it will reach the normal brightness at once when switch on.

4.Wide range power input, stable voltage and current driver, easy matching and outpus stably.

Application Scope

1.Hazard gas sites of division1 and division2.

2.Explosive gas or steam sudstances of T1T4 groups of AB categories

3.lndoor & outdoor.