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Explosion-proof electric heating fan heater
Product Name:Explosion-proof electric heating fan heater

Product No:BDKN
Last update:2013.05.28

Product Feature


1. Hige-quality stainless steer shell, compact construction, firm and sturdy with attractive appearance.

2. Adopts PTC components as a heating element, with advantages of high efficiency thermal conversion, rapid heating, no open flame,without oxygen consumption, automatic constant temperature and so on.

3. Adopts aluminum alloy materials manufactured Cross-flow fan, with advantages of light weight, large air volume, low noise, low vibration and long life.

4.  Reliable Explosion-proof function, widely used in flammable gases hazardous areas such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, military and offshore platforms, etc.


Application Scope


1. Hazard gas sites of division1 and division2.

2. Explosive gas of T1T3 groups of A、ⅡB categories.