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Explosion-proof Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioner
Product Name:Explosion-proof Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioner

Product No:BKTF
Last update:2013.05.28

Product Feature

1.With air compressors of international famous brands, the BKTF series of products produced by our company are energy-saving, long-life and safe.

2. The world-top explosion-proof technology and the reasonable structure strengthen the explosion proof performance of the  Air Conditioner and make no difference to refrigeration and heating performance of it.

3. There are auto operation mode, multiple protection devices, self fault diagnosis function and defrosting function.

4. The varieties of power specifications such as 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz and 220V/60Hz can meet different requirements of different places.

5. lt is widely applicable to inflammable and explosive occasions such as petroleum industry, chemical industry, war industry, pharmacy and warehouse.

6. Different types for climates: standard typeT1(-743) and high-temperature typeT3(-755).so please give details for special environments.

Application Scope

1. Class1 and class2 places with fire and explosion dangers

2. A,B and C places with explosive gases